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  • Signature 3D Tour ①   Sample$ 217.00
  • Total$ 217.00
  • (Plus Tax)
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① Terms

This price is for the properties with less than 4,000 sqft of living area including finished basement. If the living area is more than 4,000 sqft, there will be a cost of $20 per each extra 1,000 sqft for photos, and a cost of $50 per each additional 1,000sqft for video.

Please keep in mind that we do require 24 hour cancellation notice. This gives us the opportunity to schedule other clients whom may need the available time that your cancelled appointment has created. There will be a charge of $25 for any cancellation within 24 hours.

The Condo 3D+Photos package is only applicable to the condo suites smaller than 1,500 sqft.

The 3D tour package includes 2 months of Matterport 3D hosting and 1 year of photo gallery and 360 panoramic views hosting for free. If you want to extend Matterport 3D hosting after 2 months, the cost is $10 per month. If you want to extend photos and 360 panoramic view hosting after 1 year, the cost is $30 for 6 months.

There will be a $50 extra cost for an additional 3D if the property has a detached area, such as a basement without access from house, or a separate guest house, etc… If you need a floorplan, the extra cost for the detached area is $37.

An additional driving cost might occur in certain area. Please call to inquire.

The photos, 3D and virtual tour will be ready on the next day morning after the shooting. The YouTube video will be sent to you by email 12 hours thereafter if we have your portrait and necessary information. The feature sheets will be ready for picking up one business day after the design draft is confirmed.

A printable invoice will be sent to the you with the virtual tour links at the same time. You can pay for it online.

We provide school information of the property in GTA for free, however it comes from 3rd party, we cannot guarantee the information is correct and not guarantee for all property, clients need to check it by themselves and make decision to show or hide the information on the tour website.

If you have ordered a walk-through video of $320, we will provide you with an aerial drone video as a complimentary gift, subject to necessary weather conditions and aviation regulations. If objective conditions prevent us from capturing the drone video, and we are unable to provide it, we will take off $30 as a courtesy even though it’s a complimentary gift to the cinematic video.